Lies and alibis

In my first full-time job I was, more or less, on a managerial position on the lowest rung of the ladder. In all those following I was a blue-collar worker – because I was determinedly looking only for blue-collar jobs. I was so fed up with having to negotiate.

I’m slowly but surely getting older and the idea of looking for a paperwork rather than manual job again began occassionally entering my head when after a day’s work I’m too physically exhausted or cold or something like that. It never lasts long.

The last week I was watching John Swinney defending the way the SNP government handled the tartan tax affair. It felt as though I was back at some of my first job’s negotiations. Each side evading as best they could any reaction to what it was accused of having done and trying to divert the discussion to the other side’s faults. And using one of the basic tactics: pick up the one thing in what your opponent said you can easily attack and ignore all the rest. How important that one thing is when compared to the others doesn’t matter. You’ll have the initiative.

And then an article about the EU opening a website to endear itself more to the British led me to discovering that the EU believes that ‘Language is a living, breathing thing that shouldn’t be regulated, which can be demonstrated by a 1979 directive thatcontains an obligation that the term ‘marmalade’ can only apply to products made from citrus fruits’. Go figure.*

I guess I’ll have to get much older, sicker and more tired yet before I return to that world.

ETA, 4/12/10: As if on clue I came across a news telling me you can’t name your product ‘pure chocolate’ lest the EC takes you to court and bans your unregulated idea.



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