Lochlannaich Jomsborg


If he wrote it he could get rid of it. He had gotten rid of many things by writing them.

Almost as soon as my boss told me I’d probably get the sack I began making plans. Not untypically, I shortly managed to convince myself that in fact it was a blessing in disguise. Carson nach fheuch ri obair fhaghinn ann an Alba sa bhad, às aonais feithim bliadhna gu leth a thìde?

For the rest o the working week expectations were growing. At the end I more or less expected to google a bit, find several suitable agencies, and begin watching them for reliability. So before I started I had made another drastic overhaul of the list of tasks to be done by the time fulfilling the Dunkeld vow begins in earnest.

Gu nàdarrach, the results of the Web search were pretty discouraging. I almost felt like an absolute moron who had entirely forgotten about the crisis. Tha e coltach gu bheil buidhnean a tha a’ tairgse na tha mi ag iarraidh ann. Ge-tà, a rèir coltais nach eil tè sam bith a’ gealltainn ach àite-còmhnaidh – agus “bidh obair againn air do shon sune efter your arrival”.

Apparently the initial investment is £400. Exactly what I would happily sacrifice if I knew it would work; but can I risk that muckle gun chinnt nach bi agam ri tilleadh air ais? Trouble is, cha chreid mi nach b’ urrainn dhomh leantainn orm an Alba aince ah startit; but can I get thus started?

Oniegate, I then remembered today had been meant as nothing more than a fairly superficial preliminary look-around. I don’t even have the notice yet, ged a tha there little doubt I will. Agus the drastic overhaul I talked about can do no harm even if I find out it wasn’t needed. In fact, by making me waste less time than I’ve been used to it can only do me good.

Foighidinn, a laochain. Foighidinn agus misneach. Chan eil na Lochalannaich Jomsborg uile marbh fhathast.



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