Ever since I began visiting the BBC website, which means almost as soon as I got connected to the Web at all, I regretted one thing: not living in the UK, I could listen to their radio stations, but couldn’t watch their TV channels. Then somebody at the FnaG mentioned it actually could be done: by subscribing to the VPNUK. I put this down to my list of things to find out more about.

This list being fairly long at that time, the task became one of those I kept postponing for several months. In February I finally gave it a go. I subscribed, went through the lenghty setup, picked up an iPlayer program – and watched the BBC! Only… it lasted about 5 seconds and the connection was broken. I tried a few more times, but I never got even to those 5 seconds again, and since the following day I couldn’t connect for as long as a milisecond. As the problem could be with my laptop, with my ISP or with VPNUK, I decided I had no time trying to make out which one it was and simply unsubscribed again.

Nevertheless, I didn’t forget and shortly after buying a new laptop subscribed again. It didn’t go smoothly, but it did go somehow and the day after subscribing I have finally seen my first BBC ALBA program. (Funny that my first encounter with a British TV in Central Europe would be through a program about Central Europeans.) I was so elated I couldn’t fully concentrate on the program itself, so watched it once more the very next day, somewhat anxious whether it would still work. It did.

It’s not 100% reliable, sometimes the connection gets all of a sudden broken, but generally I’m satisfied. I don’t use it daily; I was never too much of a TV-watcher, so I just check out every other day or so the latest programs available through BBC ALBA’s iPlayer, and sometimes overlook a good one (on that list, Partaig gave the impression of being a soap opera; luckily a Glaswegian friend made me have a closer look), but it’s great to know that if I notice something that looks interesting, or get a recommendation for something, I can watch it. I even already have a favourite program: Eòrpa.



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