Seachd… no trì

This Monday I received from the Amazon the Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle DVD, and that very night I watched it. Cha robh e dona. With the English subtitles I understood more of the Gaelic than I ever did when listening to Radio nan Gaidheal. Admittedly, if there was an overall message I missed it, but then some of my favourite books don’t have one, yet are interesting by touching upon several themes. Admittedly, what I liked about the film most was the languages used. (Watching a conversation in which one guy speaks Gaelic and the other Spanish and following what’s said through English subtitles is quite an experience.) But all in all I did enjoy it and decided to watch it again soon – this time with Gàidhlig subtitles.

Which set me thinking. I have said something similar about Top Secret!, yet I never found time to do it. In fact, my sister sent me several films last year (initially there was her offer to do so but it was me who picked the titles); I only found time to see three so far.

I also contemplated the fact gum b’ fheudar dhomh stad a chur air an fhilm midway airson toitean a ghabhail, as I felt my attention beginning to slip away. Not because of the film itself. Because I hadn’t been doing anything for some time, just watching. I can’t recall when I have last read more than a few pages of a book before feeling the urge to start working on one or other of my ‘tasks’. (Not necessarily something on my laptop. But something giving me the feeling of getting closer to ticking off some box.)

Mar seo, thug am film buaidh orm. It occurred to me my problem wasn’t just wanting to do too much (most of these last twa years I’m on the Net I’m talking about how I’m involved in much too many activities here) and wasting time in trying to do things too meticulously (my attempts at perfection verging on fussiness), but also trying to be doing everything at once. Multitasking in the form of switching from one task to another when the first one gets tiring is in itself no bad thing; the ease with which this can be done on a laptop contains the danger of unnoticeably depriving one of his ability to singletask, so to say.

In other words, bu chòir dhomh three things a dhèanamh: Think twice before adding another task I’d like to accomplish. Do things well without getting hindered by never-ending finishing touches. Be at one time involved in less affairs, but more thouroughly.



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