Gulf of Mexico BP well finally sealed

Following the Deepwater Horizon sea oil well’s April explosion, several unsuccessful attempts to stop the consequent leakage and a temporary cap put in place in July, last week’s final pressure test on the permanent cement plug confirmed the well was ‘killed’.
BBC: BP finally seals leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well
As you all probably know. I’m only putting it here because except for the May election this whole story was probably the public news of this year, at least as far as I’m concerned. (Including the disgusting recent affair in which UK so-called elites robbed the taxpayer to finance a visit of a religious extremist, whose latest distortion of facts in effect blames the Holocaust on atheism.) And it hasn’t ended yet, but I don’t expect the media to keep giving us updates on how the area’s recovery continues.

Postscript, 5/7/15: In mid-2015, BP reached a £12bn ($18.7bn) settlement with the US Department of Justice (to be yet approved by a US federal court).
BBC: BP to pay £12bn for Gulf oil spill

Postscript, 6/10/15: Three months later, the sum rose to £13.2bn ($20bn).
BBC: BP in $20bn settlement over fatal US oil spillage



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