Autumn in August?

Luckily, getting used to going to work again wasn’t hard. I only had three working days last week and only have four this one. Moreover, we don’t have too many orders at the moment. There are no urgent deadlines looming above us, there’s no hurry, no nervy situations.

Having a fag on the workshop’s store’s balcony today I was suddenly surprised, noticing yellow leaves flying in the air. Not many – but enough to make it clear that some tree has already begun to shed them. Now I can only recognize, by their leaves, the oak and the maple, but as chance would have it, one landed on the balcony. I showed it to a more knowing workmate (a bonsai grower) who told me it fell off an aspen. Whatever. Less than two weeks ago in Scotland I still saw blosoms everywhere, and now, before August is even over, trees are already beginning to drop leaves?

As the noughties saying goes, Nature’s really doing whatever it chooses to nowadays.



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