Edwin Morgan died

Edwin Morgan, Scottish poet and translator, who was in 2004 named the first Scots Makar (in effect the poet laureate), died on Tuesday, 17 August, and was buried on Thursday, 26 August 2010. He had come out in 1990.
Cal Merc: Scotland’s ‘poet laureate’ Edwin Morgan dies, aged 90
BBC: Leading figures remember national poet Edwin Morgan
To be honest, not being a poetry man, I hadn’t known the name. (Except for songs’ lyrics, I doubt I read as many as ten poets outside school textbooks. Villon. Пушкин. Солоухин. Jeffers. Burns. Chaucer. Gellner. Can’t think of more at the moment.) But as the death happened during my time in Scotland, I noticed the newspaper obituaries (and read the Scotsman one), so that reading this quotation on the Parliament outer wall later on I already knew who to associate it with.

ETA 27/2/11: To my great surprise I learned yesterday that he had written and even recited the second part of Idlewild’s In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction, a song I probably knew as early as ’08. (See here).



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