Six new World Heritage bids

The 38-item UK longlist of nominees for future Unesco World Heritage sites contains six in Scotland: the Arbroath Abbey, the Flow Country, the Forth Railway Bridge, Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings in Glasgow, Shetland’s Iron Age settlements and St Andrews.
BBC: Forth Bridge seeks world heritage status
If I understand the article correctly, a shortlist of six (for political reasons this would presumably mean one or two Scottish ones) will be published by the UK government in 2011 and the Unesco asked to consider them in 2012. I’ve never been to Arbroath, Caithness & Sutherland or Shetland; of the other three I consider the Forth Bridge deserving it the most – but would prefer to see St Andrews make it. I’ve spent some very pleasant moments there.

Postcript, 2 Aug 15: The 2011 UK shortlist had 11 sites, of which 3 were in Scotland: the Flow Country, the Forth Bridge and Shetland’s Mousa, Old Scatness and Jarlshof. Of these three, the Forth Bridge was nominated in 2014 and awarded the World Heritage Site status in July 2015.



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