Two years on the Net

As of yesterday, two years have passed since I bought a laptop, brought it home, plugged in the pre-installed cable and set about finding out what this Internet thing so many people talked of had to offer. Pretty soon it became one of the essential parts of my life.

Unsurprisingly, the first year mostly meant exploring what there was, learning to handle it and becoming involved. In the course of which I put my foot in so often I decided to start afresh with a new identity before those twelve months were over. Not that what I experienced with the old one was all bad. I did have fun and learned a good deal, even about myself.

The second year was primarily about settling down. The new identity worked out fine and I think I’ll stick to it. I have just about all the software I need. My favourite websites seldom change. I usually know where to go to when I need something and don’t get too distracted on the way. I’m no longer getting involved in more things than I can keep track of. And I do spend more time doing other things, like reading books.

In addition to those sites I already frequented within the first year there are FnaG, Cal Merc, OED, Coffee Break French… and this one. I learned to visit BBC News and PinkNews daily but shortly. I still spend a lot of time at Wikipedia and Wiktionary, but I managed not to get addicted to these.

Of course, during the year I came across too many interesting blogs, useful information sites and so forth to list here.

There was one strange effect. My interest in this country, nation and language, dwindling for years, disappeared almost altogether. Sure, it has a lot to do with the fact I shouldn’t visit pubs too often, but if the truth be told I no longer miss them. The chance of being interested in what’s being said, and the chance that somebody else would be interested in what I might be saying, are much higher here.

All in all it seems there’s no reason why the third year shouldn’t go on like this.



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