What price strategy when tactic’s missing?

This makes me so cross. When my friends began teaching me the game of go, they praised me for being fairly quick in the uptake with regard to the beginning part’s strategy. I think they weren’t just flattering me. Nevertheless, this comes to nothing when I lose by being unable to protect a well-defined territory in the end game.

Like yesterday. I thought only the finishing touches were left to be made and was anxious to see who would win when my opponent attacked a group I took for granted. By now I know my play wasn’t a good idea. But I can’t make out whether I could have saved the group if I responded better, or whether it was doomed the moment it was attacked.

This happens disgustingly often. Indeed, I played three games yesterday, with different players: in the first one I lost the whole lower right corner and in the third something similar happened as well.

This is frustrating for two reasons. First, happening at the end of the game this makes one wonder what use is strategy when any territory you build can be easily snatched away from you if your opponent decides they want to. Second, I’ve no one to explain to me whether I’m making some systemic mistake in considering such territories safe, or whether I just repeatedly botch up the defence.

Oh well, what the hell. I won’t back down. The only way to find out is playing more games. As soon as I’ve enough time I’ll be at the PandaNet room again.



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