French MacDonald’s gay advert

The fast food chain released its first gay advertisement, to be broadcast in France. Apparently, gay community is divided in its reception. One part complains the advert shows a closeted, not an out gay. (Or better still, a gay couple.) The other part welcomes it as a first step. (A sub-group of the latter adds in the same breath, “but we still detest MacDonald’s in itself”.)

Myself? Well, my problem has always been underweight, not overweight, and I mostly prefer to have my meal over and done with asap, so I’ve nothing against… Come again? I see, the out/closeted matter. I side with those who like the advert. Partly for the obvious reasons: it’s a start, there are probably more closeted than out gay teenagers in France, so probably it’s more realistic, the actor is hot (och ay, let’s face it) – but mostly I like the way he played it. I don’t think I ever let such facial expressions or glances surface while still in the closet myself, but I surely often felt very much like making exactly those.



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