A desk worth the name

As I’ve already advertised more than once, I intended to buy a desk. After almost eleven years of living in this bedsit and having to make do with something better described as a coffee table than a desk, I did.

It wasn’t as easy as I’d thought. I didn’t expect the desk would be sold entirely assembled, but I didn’t expect I’d have to put it together entirely either. There were just various planks of wood and a lot of screws. (Well, I didn’t have to put together the hinges, only to fix them onto the cabinet’s door.) So just about the first thing to do after Rob and me drove the pack to my place, unpacked it, had a fag, during which time he gave me more valuable hints I only fully appreciated later than I’ll ever admit to him, and he left, was going out again to buy a Phillips.

To make a long story short (I began at about six p.m. and ended at about a quarter past midnight), I somehow managed to put it all together, and this is how my bedsit looks now:

BD3-31 - Pilsen St bedsit with a desk

In addition to the size of the desk, the new layout itself has some advantages I haven’t previsaged over the previous one. And I’ve always been good in convincing myself that a disadvantage (like a bed enclosed at both head and foot) is actually an advantage (it’s cosier.)

Funny thing is, it feels more roomy now in here. Possibly because I’m used to spending most of my time (outside work and sleep) sitting behind a table, which being larger now makes the room itself seem to have grown in size?



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