Belatedly: Brown, Lucas and Salmond answering PinkNews questions

Just one day before the election, Pink News published Gordon Brown’s, Caroline Lucas’ and Alex Salmond’s answers to questions submitted for them by the website’s readers. (This followed February’s answers by Nick Clegg and mid-April ones by David Cameron).
PinkNews: Gordon Brown answers readers’ questions on gay issues
PinkNews: Green Party leader Caroline Lucas answers your questions
PinkNews: SNP leader and Scottish first minister Alex Salmond answers your questions
Brown is now history and of course he’s sometimes sidestepping the questions, but he’s got a point when he says that during their 13 years in power Labour managed to push through the Parliament an outstanding amount of GLBT-friendly legislation.
Lucas is now the first Green Westminster MP ever. She’s a little too verbose for my liking, but the intention to “oppose all opt-outs from equality and anti-discrimination laws by religious organisations” is highly commendable.
Salmond’s answers don’t seem to be written by him and generally give the impression of “we absolutely support GLBT equality but further improvements in this area certainly aren’t at the top of our agenda”. I find this much more acceptable than vague promises. It might be interesting, though, what would the answers look like if made before next year’s election.



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