’09 – ’10 bedsit layout

It’s somewhat weird to put this into the Hauls category, which is meant to contain things found and dragged here from elsewhere. Ay, the video is embedded from YouTube; but then it was me who shot it and uploaded it to YT in the first place. (Which also explains the quality, as before that day I didn’t even know for sure whether my newly bought digital camera could take videos at all.)

Anyway, this is how my bedsit looked from August ’09 until yesterday.

I moved in here in the summer of ’99. It’s furnished accomodation, so one of the first things to do was to rearrange the furniture according to my tastes. I may or may not have changed the layout once or twice in the following years, but I certainly made a major rearrangement in June ’08 after buying a laptop and a Net connection, and a smaller one in August last year after obtaining the first piece of furniture of my own.

As I’ve already mentioned, if everything goes accordingly I’ll have a proper desk come Wednesday. It would of course in no way fit in, so yesterday I made another major alteration and all that remains now is to fetch it. I guess I’ll be embedding here another video before eight days pass.



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