David Cameron answering PinkNews questions

Like Nick Clegg a couple of months ago, the Tory leader has answered questions submitted for him by readers of Stonewall’s online newspaper the Pink News. (A third such article with Gordon Brown’s answers is expected.)
PinkNews: David Cameron writes on gay rights as he answers questions from PinkNews.co.uk readers
If you ask me, it’s 90% clichés, stepsiding the questions and populistic proclamations without saying what particular steps are intended to achieve the goals – in other words, empty promises. Indeed, it seems they were only made when somebody remembered, “Hey, we forgot to try and butter up the GLBT community as well!”

Sometimes it’s clean bullshit. Q: Under a Tory government, will lesbian and straight couples should continue to be treated identically with regard to […]? A: Yes. When the [….] issue came up [….] we gave Conservative MPs a free vote on this issue and that’s the way it will stay. So why shouldn’t Con MPs freely vote against it? Or number 11: Labour and Lib Dem having homophobic allies means that Tory homophobic allies aren’t, as a consequence, homophobic at all? Mr Cameron must have been skiving when logic was taught…



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