Bookmarking limits

One of the things I haven’t got down to a fine art yet is bookmarking webpages to look at properly in future. I mean not bookmarking too many of them. It’s so enticing. You come across something which looks pretty interesting, in whatever sense of the word, but have no time to give it due attention just at the moment? Nothing easier: bookmark it and get back later.

Trouble is, the easier it is to bookmark pages, the harder it is to keep the number of them at some tolerable level. For instance, as often as not a closer inspection reveals further pages worth inspecting. I learned to overcome this problem by making it a rule to treat all these bookmarks by the end of each week. If needs be, unbookmarking some without the intended closer look.

What I haven’t learned so far is not making too many bookmarks when going through the first four of my browser’s seven current homepages. That is to say BBC News, which in fact means four pages (Scotland, UK, Europe and World), Pink News, Caledonian Mercury and Fòram na Gàidhlig. Afternoon shifts, however I love their other aspects, exarcebate this as I go through each of these websites twice a day – before and after the shift. Consequently, I often read many posts with a few days’ delay.

This Friday night saw me returning from work and having about forty bookmarks to look at over the weekend. So I gave up. I’m getting near the end now, but I’d made me a short list with limits on how many bookmarks I may make on either of said pages. If I don’t begin to cheat myself, I can possibly get used to only bookmarking the seemingly most important pages and after some time not need the limits any longer.



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