So far, touch wood, the digital camera had no unpleasant surprise for me. Quite on the contrary. It surprises me how it can do things I was a wee bit hoping it might be able to.

If the truth be told, to date I’ve only had time to find out how to charge the battery, switch the camera on/off, zoom in/out and take a picture – not yet how to turn on/off the flash or self timer, let alone record a video. (This is good, actually – it means I’m not as impatient as I used to be about learning everything a new toy of mine can offer.) But I’ve already tried, successfully, something fairly important. I managed to install the program from the supplied CD, import some snaps onto my hard disc, and later upload one to LibraryThing.

This is no small thing for me. It means that I can cross off scanner from the list of things I intended to buy and use the money for something else; that I can share the pictures I make with friends; and that I’ll no longer have to search for just about every picture I need on the Net – I can even have some which simply aren’t there to be found. I don’t mean only book covers.



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