Cal Merc publishing articles in Gaelic

From 17 March, Caledonian Mercury began occasionally publishing articles on various topics by Murchadh MacLeòid / Murdo MacLeod in Scottish Gaelic (with very brief synopses in English attached). To date there are these three:
Cal Merc: Fuirichidh na muilleanan aig an taigh – is bidh adhbhar aca
Cal Merc: Cluasag a chuireas ceist sa Mhì-Rùn Mòr
Cal Merc: iPad: Bha sin ann reimhid
I’m particularly glad for the range – politics, heritage and technology so far. I hope they keep it up, although I haven’t read the first and probably won’t have time to read the last until this weekend. I did read the second and it was quite interesting stuff. In fact so much so, that an FnaG debate stemmed from it – and it’s still going. (I haven’t joined it though – there’s too much I’d want to say on the matter once I started speaking at all.)



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