New Roma-separating wall

A 2.2m tall, 150m long concrete wall was built in the Slovakian municipality of Ostrovany to prevent the local Roma majority [sic!] from committing property crimes in the Slovakian ethnicity’s part of the village.
BBC: Slovakia’s separation barrier to keep out Roma
After the Ústí nad Labem hysteria, it’s refreshing to read an informed article which isn’t biased either way. Perhaps, now that they have so many of them as asylum seekers in their own country, the British know better about the eastern-middle-Europe Roma than to just take all their allegations about racism for granted. The editor didn’t fail to mention both the Roma (“Why couldn’t they use the money to build us a decent home instead?”) and the Slovakian (“[they] have grown dependent on the state. All they need each month is two signatures [for] their welfare payments”) points of view.



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