Lithuania bans ‘promoting gay marriages’

A law classifying any information which “encourages a concept of marriage and family other than stipulated in the Constitution” as detrimental to children and bans it from places accessible to them has come into law in this former Soviet republic.
PinkNews: Homophobic Lithuanian law comes into power next week
This is one of the reasons why I don’t like the EU. While some democratic countries like Norway prefer to keep out, several countries which still have a half-Commie understanding of the word “democracy” were allowed in.

ETA: In Jan ’11 the EU Parliament urged Lithuania to reject a new draft legislation which would result in fines of between €580 and €2900 for ‘public promotion of homosexual relations’ which stated that ‘information on homosexuality and bisexuality should be banned from schools and any other places where it can be accessed by young people’.
PinkNews: European Parliament calls on Lithuania to shelve anti-gay law


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