Go again

I learned the rules of the game of go in my third year in the Tech, when Jamie, who could probably then call himself one of the top players in this country, brought about a short fad for it among us. Unlike the others, I began to like it more than chess, and two years later played it several times with another friend of us (then a 3rd kyu I believe).

Nevertheless, save for a handful of exceptions all I could do later on was reading once in every few years a book about go openings by Ikuro Ishigure. No wonder that soon after I got onto the Net it occurred to me that I could probably find some of those “rooms” where players from all over the world (so I was told) played online in real time. Only somehow there were always other things to do, on and out of the Web, which looked more urgent, so I only got to trying to find such a room last Saturday. Oddly enough, I succeeded.

It took a relatively short time to find the PandaNet and create an acount there – but a relatively long time to make out what to do to be really able to play. Yet I managed it somehow in the end and on the very same day played three games – after about seven years of having played none.

Okay, for the first one I chose a “robot”, 9×9 board and a 5-handicap game – probably an act of outstanding timidity. (Cowardice, even.) Okay, I lost the second one (already 19×19, no handicap, and against a human opponent) – even though I think it was due to passing before one territory, obviously mine, had an absolutely clearly defined border, so the program saw it as a no man’s land. Okay, I only won the third by default, as my opponent disconnected (was disconnected?) for 5 minutes – even though I think I’d have to do some no small mistake to lose the game as it stood by then. What matters is that from now on I have a place to go when I feel like another game or two.

And I’m sure I will, now and then.



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