So-called News on this site

I realise the name of the “News” category on this website may be somewhat misleading. These days, the word usually implies information about today’s or, at worst, yesterday’s events.

From this point of view the category features virtually no news whatsoever. (From this point of view, the whole site features virtually no news whatsoever, as I typically post about happenings in my personal life with a few days’ delay as well.) I often don’t find the time to read the news for a day or two, let alone write about them, and just bookmark interesting- or important-looking articles for reading later. (Occassionaly I fail to do even that.) After which normally another few days pass before they’re mentioned here.

Of course, this whole site is basically a blog. The reasons for making these posts are various, but keeping anybody updated certainly isn’t one of them. What is? Sometimes I read an article I find so interesting and/or amusing that I want to tell about it. (It’s not all that important whether anybody actually “hears”, although I like to imagine somebody does.) Sometimes it’s not the affair itself but my opinion or witty remark related to it that I want to hear myself say. And sometimes I simply want to be able to find out after years what interested me now, and perhaps reminisce a bit.

Why have I named it News then? To be honest, mostly because I couldn’t thing of anything better. But partly because, after all, they are news. One only has to put aside the attitude of “Yesterday’s news are no news at all”. It’s not seldom that the contrary is true, and what looked like a vital piece of information is in fact, stripped off its novelty, quite trivial, quite petty. Or it emerges that what looked like news could have been better described as gossip.

I use a different maxim; one which wouldn’t work in a news agency, but which is seemingly kept to on every blog I like to visit on a regular basis: “If it won’t still be worth reading next week, it isn’t worth posting in the first place.”

Perhaps this is why I took so quickly to the Caledonian Mercury. They seem to be operating on the same principle.



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