A happy unromantic Valentine’s

Sometimes I regret a bit that most of the days that are “outstanding in the calendar” for the vast majority of people have no meaning for me. That I don’t belong more. Nevertheless, at other times I feel pretty lucky to have my own outstanding days instead. It’s so much easier to spend, say, the Christmastime on your own when all it means to you is just a long long weekend.

Likewise, the fact that I’ve no one to send a Valentine to (never had, in fact) was immaterial today. Instead, I succeeded in doing a few rather special things I had intended to do for some time. With the help of Dànaidh I learned how to back up this site. I began reading the first real book in Gaelic. And I finally made a reservation for this summer’s package tour in Scotland. It’ll cost more than a month’s salary, maybe close to two, but I don’t give a toss. I haven’t been there since ’97 and I’m getting almost intolerably homesick sometimes. (Don’t snort about the “package tour” part of it. For myself, going with nobody I’ve ever met before will be quite an adventure even so.)

Thus it was a really successful St Valentine’s despite its being two years since the last time I fell in love, and that with a guy I know nothing about for more than a year now. There are other guys I love that I still keep in touch with. And anyway, I don’t think I’m interested in falling in love with anybody new in this country again.

But I do wonder where you are and how you live now, Seòras…



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