Caledonian Mercury

I reckon I’m well settled on the Net now. When I want to find something out I usually know where to go; I know which websites are worth visiting daily, which weekly and so forth; the number of sites and pages I want to explore more thoroughly yet is but a tiny fraction of what it was a year ago. I also only seldom change my homepages, i.e. the tabs which open automatically when I start the Firefox.

Nevertheless, occassionally I come across something new, and sometimes an altogether new site emerges. On Burns Night day, 25 January, Stewart Kirkpatrick (who’d run The Scotsman‘s website from 2000 to 2007) launched a new Scottish web newspaper. Well, it’s more of a magazine. According to Kirkpatrick, they are “trying to be a provider of specialist news with in-depth reporting in nine or 10 specialist areas of Scottish life, where we believe there are gaps in the market.” So if you want to find out about the latest bomb attacks in Iraq or yesterday’s SFA results, forget it. On the other hand, you’ll come across things you probably never would unless you were specifically looking for them, like blogs and news about hill-climbing (in Scotland, needless to say), an article about why LEDs are getting to be used for street lamps on Princes Street, or about the latest blunder in website-designing.

Of course, there is sport, politics and the like – but in the form of commentaries, rather than news. Neither is everything directly related to Scotland.

Another endearing feature, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that only a few new articles appear each day, so that checking daily the front page I see all there is on offer and decide which of them I’m interested in enough to read through. So far, I usually pick about as many as I do from my daily overlook of the BBC news pages or from the Pink News front page. Which is a pretty good result, actually.

In short, I currently have a fresh new homepage – and if they keep it up, it’s about to stay. Why, I’ve even posted a comment there already – something I’ve hardly done, outside of Wikis and FnaG, more than eight times anywhere on the Net altogether…



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