Homophobia still strong in the UK

According to the latest British Social Attitudes Survey on the matter, the number of highly homophobic UK adults decreased from the 62% of the 1983 survey, but remains at a disgustingly high 36%.
Stonewall: Social attitudes survey finds far greater acceptance of homosexuality
No wonder Peter Tatchell is surprised and disappointed, so am I. On the other hand, what kind of phrasing the question it was? Homosexuality is “always”, “mostly”, “rarely”, “never” wrong? Those people think it’s sometimes wrong to be gay and sometimes not? What kind of bullshit is that? In other news, what do they mean by the 38% disapproving of “working mothers”? Working at what age of the [youngest] child? But the fact that “more people said they considered themselves Conservative rather than Labour” is alarming, full stop.



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