‘Wicked witch’ no longer MLA

Iris Robinson, nicknamed last year for her GLBT-related bigotry “the wicked witch of the North”, resigned after her marital and financial immoralities were publicly exposed by the BBC and even her husband’s, North Ireland’s First Minister’s career got jeopardized.
PinkNews: Homophobic Iris Robinson resigns from parliament
And not before time. Incidentally, at some point of the week-long story it occurred to me how her surname, the Simon & Garfunkel song and the film The Graduate all fitted together. Later I discovered it hadn’t escaped other people’s notice either…
Keith Law: Mrs (Iris) Robinson

ETA 4/6/11: The BBC recently reported that “The DUP says an independent investigation has cleared Iris Robinson and Castlereagh council of any wrongdoing in the awarding of a contract to her former teenage lover.” Of course, one should keep in mind that (a) the investigation of the council was commissioned by the council, (b) BBC maintains the programme was “a piece of responsible journalism” and “well sourced”, (c) Deloitte can anyway only assess legality, not morality and (d) their report was only concerned with the contract, not with a 60-year-old sanctimonious carline having an extramarital affair with a teenager.

ETA 29/11/14: For the results of another investigation, published 3½ years later, see here.



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