Stephen Hendry

I’ve possibly said it already, and I’ve little doubt I will reiterate it now and then: one of the things I like very much to do on the Net is looking up “old loves”. Videos I haven’t seen and songs I haven’t heard for ages, people I’ve lost track of yonks ago, and so on.

Back in 1990, when I was still at the Tech, a new channel launched in this country. As far as I can recall, they had no programmes of their own, and the schedule was divided among various other (foreign) stations, whose broadcasts were simply being transferred, I guess in real time. The two stations I still remember as having been involved were the MCM (several of the videos I searched when first exploring YouTube were things I’d only seen in the early ’90s on that station) – and Screensport.

It was on Screensport that I’ve noticed Stephen Hendry. Generally, I was never interested in watching sports, but this was infatuation at first sight. For some time I was very often checking what sport was on when it was Screensport’s turn on the OK3, and when Stephen played I watched. The station began broadcasting too late for me to see his first World Championship victory, but I’ve seen him quite a few times. My affection even grew when I learned he was Scottish.

(Come to think of it, this was also the first time I heard (12/10/92, apparently) about the specificity of the Scottish R. My sister: “Sure he’s Scottish, didn’t you notice those rolling R’s?” Me: “Scots R’s are more pronounced than English ones?”)

Recently I found out that he was born on 13 January ’69. So [he was 41 yesterday, which is why I’m writing this now, but why I’m writing this at all is that] I realised he’s less than six months younger than me. I looked up some pictures and videos from those days, like the one above, on the Net to find out if I’d still find him so gorgeous – and I do. Which consequently means that I may have been a pretty attractive guy back then as well, mayn’t I? Definitely.

Sure, it’s all snows of yesteryear now. But it was great seing him again – as if then. Like I was saying, I do enjoy looking up “old loves”.



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