Giant pylons and offshore windfarms

The controversial plan for a 137-mile line of 600 giant (some over 200ft/60m) pylons from the Highlands to central Scotland, intended for connecting future renewable power stations to the national grid, have been approved by the Scottish Government. Licenses for nine new offshore wind farms within UK waters have been granted, with a consortium of Scottish Power Renewables and Sweden’s Vattenfall Vindkraft winning the secong largest Norfolk Bank zone (potential yield estimated at 7.2GW), SSE Renewables and Fluor winning the Firth of Forth Zone (3.5GW) and EDP Renovaveis and SeaEnergy Renewables winning the Moray Firth Zone (1.3GW).
BBC: Controversial giant pylon plan approved for Scotland
BBC: New UK offshore wind farm licences are announced
I guess I slightly support the former scheme, but without a great deal more information wouldn’t care to form a definite opinion. As regards the latter, let’s hope even the foreign firms would employ a reasonable amount of Scottish workforce.

Update: A part of the pylon line might still go underground.



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