Through with Webnode

As I was saying in one of my first posts here, I began blogging in February last year on the Webnode website. In fact, I gradually created three sub-sites there, but the first two I only used for finding out how it worked. My first real blog appeared on the third.

After some time this proved unsatisfactory. Both the editing and the graphics were too clumsy for my taste. When I discovered LiveJournal, I moved my blogging there and only continued on Webnode my weekly summaries. (And blogs about Wiktionary. Thing was, WT was then the site where I was spending most of my online time, but my LJ posts were probably only read by two fellow Wiktionarians. I wanted to blog about WT, but I didn’t want to appear as though I was kind of winking at the two behind the others’ backs.) And in July I finally stopped posting there altogether.

Nevertheless, unhappy with the the idea of leaving abandoned projects unburied I gradually deleted all the contents there. I only created, for old times’sake, a selection in a single post here on my own website. This being completed today, I deleted the whole sub-sites as well, and that was the end of it.

I’m glad I’ve been there: I learned a lot about the technical side of blogging and I’ve written a few sentences I still like. But I’m glad as well I moved on, and I’m glad I managed to tidy up after myself.



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