Well it’s all right

Making the ’09 summary post I could sometimes hardly believe it could all have happened within the space of a single year. Well, it have. It was a good year, but now it’s over and it’s no use wallowing in nostalgia. 2010 is come. Let’s hope it’ll be at least as good.

Chances are it may. Knoxplex put aside for once, there seem to be no big dangers looming on the horizon. Just the contrary. Ever since the summer of ’07 things are gradually growing better and for all I can say this may last for quite some time yet. Most importantly, it looks like after thirteen years I’ll really even get back to my country…

One step at a time, though. Just now I’m going to enjoy the last few days of my hols and then get used to the daily routine again. A somewhat different, more leisurely kind of routine than the previous year, but routine all the same. Nothing wrong with that. Routine is what makes oustanding incidents really outstanding. And come to think of it, those things which happened in ’09 aren’t only amazing in retrospect. It would have been just as hard to imagine them happening in advance. So who knows what awaits me in ’10?

Ay, it’s all right. I’m doing the best I can and I’m happy to be alive. Everything’ll work out fine.



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