Top Secret!

Not this post. The film. For one of the groups of friends I was a member of back in ’91 it was a cult film. We considered it the best comedy ever filmed. Several parts of it became our catchphrases (“Souuuvenirs, nooovelties, paaarty tricks…”) or even nicknames for other things, so that for some time we’d sooner say “Oh boy, had fourteen 98-octane gasolines yesterday” than “fourteen 5% lagers”. And so on.

I haven’t seen it once since those days. But I mentioned it this year to my sister, duly praising it, and the other day I unexpectedly received it from her on a CD. So the night before the last I watched it, slightly afraid: will I still like it? Or has my memory exaggerated its enjoyability too much? Will I be disappointed?

In the end, I wasn’t. I’d no longer say I’ve never seen any comedy as good (I’ve seen Life of Brian, for one, in the meantime), but I still declare I’ve never seen any funnier film. Ay, Brian may be presenting a few serious thoughts in addition to humour, but even the Pythons weren’t able to pile gag upon gag as abundantly as it’s been done here. And 99% of the gags really work – at least with me. (And I don’t even understand half the allusions!)

I even saved it on my hard disc, just in case. (There’s only one small question seeing it again brought about, the answer to which I’ll never learn: did I fancy Val Kilmer back then, as I did watching him now?)

And if you wonder what the ‘pedia article means when talking about a “scene […] filmed with the actors moving entirely in reverse and then played backwards in the movie”, on the YouTube you can find it for example here. Another classic bit is this. Or… oh, I guess I’ll watch it again pretty soon!



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