Quotation(s) for this week (20 – 27 Dec 09)

And it wouldn’t be very difficult to get in touch with Christine. It was only that he felt it would be too late when he did. But, anyway, he’d met her and talked to her a few times. Thank God for that.

Kingsley Amis: Lucky Jim

By which I refer to the fact that just a few whiles ago I unbookmarked the LiveJournal blog of one of the people I like the most from those I’ve met on the Net. For certain reasons we’re no longer in any contact and it’s quite possible we’ll never be again. I felt more and more like I was prying on him (he doesn’t know this Net identity of mine), while at the same time his posts were getting less and less interesting for me. I’ll say goodbye to you, Ruakh, a charaid, with a quotation I reckon pertinent for more reasons than one:

Aye free, aff han’, your story tell,
While wi’ a bosom crony;
But still keep something to yoursel
Ye scarcely tell to ony.

Robert Burns: Epistle to a Young Friend



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