Closing time ’09

St. Andrew’s Day. This time also the official end of the Homecoming Year. More important for me is the usual beginning of the last part of the year, combining finishing touches to this one and preparations for the next.

This has different forms. For one thing, it means that newly occuring tasks should be added, if possible, to my list of tasks for the second third of 2010. Even though, while the list for 09-III was about as long as the one for 09-II at the beginning, the 10-I list is significantly shorter (just as the 09-I one was distinctly longer). Most conspicuos is the entire absence of Wiki-related items – both those to be read and those to be edited (or even created). At long last I managed to keep these at a level where the time between the idea and its fulfilment doesn’t extend a few months.

Another affair is going through all the receipts, guarantees, bank statements &c&c which have accumulated within the last couple of years and which, in most cases, are of no use keeping any longer. In this category is also a proper “pruning”, as I call it, of my C- drive, and backing it up.

And then there are the “manual” tasks which I only do thrice a year, or, when oftener, in a slipshod manner. Things like washing my cap or defrosting the fridge (but I’m not washing the windows, not until spring, thank you).

Of course, there are still some tasks in the 09-III list to be finished. Or rather, continued, as by now most of them come from the previous lists, a few even from the ’08 one, and probably will still make it to the next. And there are other ongoing matters, like learning Gaelic and French, adding new posts to this site or, last but not least, going to work.

As a whole I think I can do that all without having too hectic time of it. With a little luck and self-restraint I believe I can go on just as I have since the end of October – and yet contrive to do as much as I want to. Which sounds like these tasks were a bit of a bother to me, so let me quote Compton Mackenzie here: “[they] had proceeded […] on business that was itself a pleasure”.

St. Andrew’s Day. One of the outstanding days in my year’s calendar, when I want to do a few special things. So I set a new wallpaper to my screen, wrote this “headline” post, played a bit with my Thunderbird settings – and put the address of this website to my Fòram na Gàidhlig and Wikipedia accounts for all to see. Thus completing the process of “going public”. As from today I can definitely call this my Net home base.



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