A busy Martinmas

Sometimes, when I open my diary to jot down the day’s happenings worth jotting down, I can think of nothing and end up with something like “ordinary morning-shift day” or “usual Saturday jobs”. Not so today, though.

Having got up as early as half past seven before an afternoon shift (my provider having had failed to be connecting me after eight p.m. the previous night I had an early one) I was soon on my way to hand in to my dentist the X-rays she wanted. The bad news is that the next time my lower right six starts to ache extraction will be the only solution. The good news is that the crown for my upper right five will cost about a half of what I’d expected.

Upon returning back I found a notice in my letter box telling me I had a parcel at the post office, so I went to fetch it; then I went to buy a space heater. (I intended to do so for months but only the need to get a new light bulb as well finally forced me to.) At the shop I met both my Yaird friends there employed and had a few words with each. Which of course was good, except for the information that the one who actually lives in the same block as me (Pinkie) is about to leave for the capital in February or so, in order to be nearer his home town and parents.

And yet before leaving for work I had time to deal with the “user infos” at two of my old accounts and after work with a third, as far as I can tell the last one remaining. (Although I still use one of those accounts for just watching certain pages, and there’s another using which I still occasionally write something.)

And now I should, as I’d explained here, evaluate my current financial situation. Suffice it to say, however, that I’m somewhat better off than three months ago. With less promising prospects of being able to say the same come Candlemas – but not to the point of making me unable to consider myself rich even then.

Apparently, there’s no time left for saying anything about Armistice Day. All right, let’s postpone it. Next year.



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