The simple question asked at last

US District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, the judge presiding over a legal challenge by two unmarried couples to California’s gay marriage ban (section 7.5 of Article I of the California Constitution, result of the notorious “Proposition 8”) has asked the lawyer for the “anti-gay” group Protect Marriage, Charles Cooper, to prove how gay marriage affects heterosexual marriage.
PinkNews: Anti-gay groups asked to prove how gay marriage threatens traditional unions
‘Walker said: “What is the harm to the procreation purpose you outlined of allowing same-sex couples to get married?”
In bizarre scenes, Cooper was forced to admit he did not know.’

What’s somewhat astonishing is not the fact that it took so long for some straight to ask this very simple question, but that they didn’t even care to have some lie prepared and will only try to make one up now.

Note: It later surfaced that Vaughn Walker was gay. Even so, the true answer to his question remains the same: “No harm at all.”



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