Waiting for the launch

This happens fairly often.

I expect to have something done by some time. Then everything runs so smoothly as to make me expect a much earlier date. Then at the very last stage some problem occurs, meaning a short delay. Which makes me slightly frustrated even though it still means a far earlier date then the original assumption.

Like launching this site. I had expected it to be done by St Andrew’s Day. However, everything went so easily that I began to reckon on this weekend. Some bug appeared, though, and it won’t happen before next week.

But it seems I’m really growing less neurotic ever since 2007. I suppose that, say, four years ago something like this would frustrate me for the rest of the day. Last year, for a couple of hours. Nowadays I can get over such things (along the lines of “what can’t be cured must be endured”) within a few minutes.

Ceart ma tha, a few more days before “going public”. A wee bit mair patience, that’s all it takes.



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